An essential study of an iconic industrial aftermath.  The ceaseless trials of Motown are brought to light as never before. 


-Ken Burns

Terrific...Amazing shooting of Detroit, amazing archival material and really good interviews.

-Marshall Curry
Director of Oscar-nominated "Street Fight"

Uses Detroit’s history to accurately illuminate the present state of the city.

-Thomas Costello
Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion

An unflinching look at the politics of the American inner-city… From New Deal housing policy to the modern Drug War the film focuses on the tools that divided the city economically and socially. Themes that are common in most cities, but the extremes shown make it uniquely Detroit.

-Gary Wein
The New Jersey Stage

Artfully combines statistics, old city footage and many other sources over the testimonials of its interviewees…Deforce is anything but rushed or dry. Instead it’s a perspective meant to provoke thought and debate.

-Ryan Wilson
360 Main Street

The Film’s most striking feature is its visuals. From high, expansive shots of the city to detailed visualizations of the internal decay of so many structures is enchanting and heartbreaking whilst being poetic and hauntingly beautiful.

-Mike McKenney?
Destroy Apathy