There are many divided cities in these United States of America.

Divided by geography, divided by economics, and divided by a political history that most are afraid to acknowledge.

It is not easy to explain to children why the US government once subsidized housing on the basis of race.  It is not easy to explain why this country locks up so many people. Or why sentences for non-violent drug offenders would ever exceed those of violent criminals.

More difficult than explaining these issues to our children - or ourselves - is confronting the ugly fact that our country has never resolved these problems.

DEFORCE is a chronicle of one city’s long struggle with political oppression.  

Once the engine of America, Detroit remains a proud city - rich with local triumphs and individual achievements, but known best for its overwhelming quality of life challenges.

This film reveals that these present challenges are indeed forged of the past. If nothing changes in our cities, they will shape this country’s future in ways that benefit no one.